Wednesday, June 9, 2010

culinary adventures

One of the most entertaining aspects of my new life is food. Ever hear of that old Japanese proverb that says for every new thing you eat you add 40 days to your life?  I think it's more likely to be a trade-off between adventure and the negative effects of fried food.

So far I haven't tried too many new things: fried green tomatoes, hush puppies (not real puppies, just dough, fried of course), boiled peanuts (surprisingly addictive but don't overdo it), Cheerwine soda (tastes like cherry cola with extra caffeine). peach butter (extremely sweet), and biscuits and gravy (gross).  I have not yet tried fried bologna although my new southern friends swear by it.

Anything else in particular I should seek out?


  1. ramps (maybe next year)

    native speckled trout rolled in cornmeal and cooked in oil

    blackberry cobbler

    squirrels and dumplins

    pickled okra

    fresh deer tenderloins that were walking around on the deer this morning

    blueberry hatch on parkway at graveyard fields mp 422 North Carolina

  2. Hey, I like biscuits and gravy!